Movie Quotes from Alive: Quotes from the movie Alive

#1: What’s more important to you, rugby or girls? #2: Girls. But when I’m playing rugby, rugby’s the most important.

(1) Those mountains must be 50 miles away, are you prepared to work 50 miles.(2) If I have to. (1) We gonna die. (2) maybe, but if we die, were gonna die walking.

1)I wish we had pizza. 2)I’ll pay for it,if you go get it.

Are we supposed to fly that close to the mountain?

Ladies and gentelemen, put on your parachutes! We’re jumping into the Andes Mountains!

Nando said he’d eat one of the pilots…you know…for getting us in to this.

The batteries are in the tail. And the—And The Tail’s Gone!(laughs hysterically)

They didn’t die, Roberto! Anything is possible.

you know i could smoke untill my brain drys up

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