Movie Quotes from Alamo, The: Quotes from the movie Alamo, The

(1)You know, you live another five years and you might just be a great man. (2) I think I will probably have to settle for who I am now.

As goes The Alamo, so goes Texas.

Being in Congress has ruined many a good man.

Bowie: Didn’t know you drank.

Crockett: If it was just simple old me, David, from Tennessee, I might drop over the wall some night and take my chances. But this Davy Crockett feller, they are all watching him. He’s been fightin’ on this wall every day of his life.

Cut, slash, and run.

Green leaves of summer.

Here’s to the ladies.

I aint never been run out of no place! ‘cepting by my Pa over in that little half acre back in Ohio. But I was jest a shirt-tailed kid then and my Pa had biiig feet!

I aint never said I aint been whupped, I have, but I gave each and every one of them fellows a chance to dig in and get the job done!

It’s amazing what a little harmony will do.

Its gonna be be a cold day in hell if anyone takes orders from a debtor……who leaves his pregnant wife in the middle of the night. -Bowie

Kind of a shame kids have to grow up into people.

Maybe Santa Anna’s surrendered.

no blood, no tears, no glory

No, I’m with you fellas. Not above you.

Not thinking, just remembering.

Remember the Alamo!

Republic. I like the sound of the word.

Tennessee babe.

There ain’t no fair way to fight a war.

With all due respect, sir, they have Davy Crockett inside that fort.

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