Movie Quotes from Aladdin and the King of Thieves : Quotes from the movie Aladdin and the King of Thieves

1)I’m Thor. 2)You’re Thor. 1)Well, it hurths.

1)If your Al’s Dad, then I’ve got one question for you! 2)Yes? 1)Would you like the chicken or the sea bass?

1)Where’s my father? 2)Follow the trail of the 40 theives. Your father is trapped within their world. 1)40 thieves? Is he all right? How long has he been their prisoner? 2)I’m sorry. I can only answer ONE QUESTION!

Aw, look. It’s a Kodiak moment! Get that bear out of here!

can I see your invitation? (king)-get out of my way boy you don’t stand a chance against the king of thieves.(aladdin)-when I get up i’ll bow to you.

hey… they trampled the rug… that is a little redundant… so this isn’t really a bad day for you.

It’s time to rock and roll dudes

OH MY GOD, THEY TRAMPLED THE CARPET! Well, that’s a little redundant. So I guess this isn’t such a bad day for you, is it?

one look at your smile and I could see the light shining everywere people like you don’t come out of thin air.

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