Movie Quotes from After the Fox: Quotes from the movie After the Fox

–But where’s the script? What’s the story?
–In here is my script. Out there is my story.

–How many people in the world over 40 can still say they have their own teeth?
–And how many people in the world over 50 say they’re only 40?

–I don’t want to be 60. I want to be 40.
–How can you be 40 when your son is 35?

–In the next scene, you are looking for Gina and Gina is looking for you. When you find each other, you run into each other’s arms. And what is the meaning of this scene?
–Man’s search for his own identity.

–This is a golden day for Sevalio.
–Yes, golden.

–We are ready for the next shot. Only in this scene, instead of doing nothing, we do something.
–Running, running.
–What are we running from?
From yourselves. You get the symbolic meaning?

–What am I going to do?
–You’re a director. Make a movie.

–What’s neo-realism?
–No money.

All major shipping ports and air terminals will be watched.

Because I am a small crook, I go to prison. It’s only the big crooks that go free.

Cleopatra suite, Signor Fabrizi. Fifth floor.

Don’t worry about Vanucci. I’ll be out of jail April first.

Good bone structure.

Harry, this is Fred Okra, my co-producer. Invented Okrascope.

I don’t want to be 60. I want to be 40.

I got a plan! I got a plan!

I never use a stuntman.

I object on the grounds that he’s trying to discredit a witness!

I want more sand in the desert!

If only I could steal enough to become an honest man.

If you don’t have a permit, you can’t make a movie.

In films, either you have got a face or you don’t got a face. You have got a face.

In this scene, we have a great opportunity to make a wonderful comment on the lack of communication in our society.

It’s a work of art, a classic. He’s a genius. What depth. What meaning. I cried…

My God, the wrong man has escaped.

Now then, for this shot, I absolutely need to have the 14 reflex…Not that reflex! With a 75 opening. Put that Hollywood film camera over there.

Now, we begin with a long, full-tracking thing.

Quiet! Quiet on the set! Ready, Mr. De Sica. Ready with the camera. Quiet everybody! Quiet on the set!

The film you made in Sevalio, ‘The Gold Of Cairo.’

The first scene that we shoot will be the landing of the gold, which should be here any minute now!

The Fox is out of the tree.


The Gold of Cairo.

Two extremely beautiful people, sitting alone at a cafe, with absolutely nothing to say.

We all want to stay young. You can’t lie to the close-up lens, baby. You know that.

Who is the Fox?

Will they melt the gold down or will they try to smuggle in all 300
bars, weighing nearly 4,000 pounds?

You think I need keys to get out of prison? When I am ready I can walk out of this place.

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