Movie Quotes from Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, The: Quotes from the movie Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, The

(Robert deNiro as fearless Leader): You talkin’ to me?!

–Bullwinkle, allow me to be frank.
–Okay, Frank. Allow me to be Bullwinkle.
–I’m Cappy Von Trapment, F.B.I.
–I thought you said your name was Frank.
–Shut up, Bullwinkle!
–Okay, Frank.

–Don’t you guys know about faxes?
–Yeah, don’t you know about e-mail?
–Sure. A fax is a little red critter that hunts geese and chickens.
Half of them are males and the other half are e-males.

–I can’t sign a contract that will help three ruthless villians take over the world. I just can’t.
–Why not?
–My pen’s out of ink.

–There has never been a way to actually destroy a cartoon character until now.
–What about that movie Roger Rabbit?
–Shut up! This is totally different!

1(hearing music) What kind of music is this? 2. Hip hop. 1.(stupidly dancing) Ok, but I still want to know what kind of music this is!

1) But we’re (name)and(name)! 2) Yeah, and I’m John Goodman. (person who plays person 1 is John Goodman.)

1) Do you know of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show? 2) (absolutely ecstatic) OH, MY GOD YESSSS!!! I LOVE THEM!! I mean, yeah sure, I know of them.

1) Look! Solitaire!
2) Sorry Bullwinkle. We don’t have time for this

1)Now that wasn’t very nice. 2) Shut up.

Agent 1: Fearless Leader plans to run shows so terrible they’ll turn anyone who watches them into a mindless zombie incapable of independant thought
Agent 2: Totally different than regular TV.

America, say hello to Fearless Leader!


And I’m Really Johb Goodman

and the Rocky and Bullwinkle show… is still cancelled!

Are you farmilar with the rocky and bullwinkle show?

Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? There is no one else here so you must be talking to me. And you are lying!

Be Ya Self.

bullwinkle, close your nose!!

bullwinkle- (to a wall) well i’ll talk to you later old buddy
rocky- bullwinkle, who are you talking to?
bullwinkle- i dunno…but its like talking to a wall!

Bullwinkle: C’mon, Rock, it’s a convertible!

Bullwinkle: I was just getting jiggy with it!!

Bullwinkle: I’ll never forget our trip to New York to visit President Washington.

Bullwinkle:I thought you said we were in Oklahoma?
Narrator: Do you wanna narrate this movie?
Bullwinkle: no.

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