Movie Quotes from Adventures of Huck Finn, The: Quotes from the movie Adventures of Huck Finn, The

(1): You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.
(2): You’re the only friend I ever had.

1) I thought you said your name was Sarah. 2) I did! Sarah-Mary Williams. Somes calls me Sarah, somes calls me Mary.

All you think about is yourself, Jim. Well what about me?

Hey Huck… I think that wolf is growlin’ at us

Huck: Mary, Williams. Woman: I thought you said it was Sarah. Huck: Yessum, I did. Sarah Mary Williams. Somes calls me Sarah, Somes calls me Mary.

humans are crawl beings

I whooped him… I whooped him good!


It’s mainly the truth. Oh, sure there’s a few stretches here and there. But then I never met anybody who didn’t lie when the situation suited them. So kick off your shoes–if you’re wearin’ ’em. Get ready for a spit-lickin’ good time.

Legal age…I can’t be waitin’ that long!

My name’s Huck…Huck Finn, and I’m proud of it.

x: No, ma’am. I went to school. And on my way home I ran into a poor mother with her ten poor children./ y: Last week that poor mother only had eight children./ x: Well, now she’s got two more.

X:I’m your next of kin, and your my little angel
y:I aint no angel…even ask Miss Watson!!

z) And I could get tarred for not turning you in! / zz) And I could get lynched!

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