Movie Quotes from 3 Ninjas Kick Back: Quotes from the movie 3 Ninjas Kick Back

1) Hey! That guys not bad! 2) Hes kinda wild though like Colt. 1 + 2) COLT!!! 1) C’mon hes gonna get his brains splattered! 2) Stay here. Maybe this is the lesson Grandpa had in mind.

1)Swing my butt 2) you mean bat 1) my butt

Hey! Who ate all my good and plenty’s?

I hope there’s lots of food in our next adventure!

Let’s murderlize ’em!

Lets kick their butts!

Lisa de Marino! Lisa de Marino!

Rocky loves Mio! Rocky loves Mio!


Shut up spaz!

Tum tum: Colt got beat by a girl, Colt got beat by a girl, Colt got beat by a girl! Colt: I’m still better than you!

Tum Tum: I found my ding dongs! Everyone else: TUM TUM!!

Tum Tum: When we go to Japan can we go to the cave of gold?
Colt: Didnt you listen twerp, you need the sword to get in to.
Tum Tum: Bigger.
Colt: Biggest.
Tum Tum:Bigger as

We voted…and we’re gonna play baseball.

What is a ninja? A body, a spirit, a mind, a heart

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