Movie Quotes from 2 Days in the Valley: Quotes from the movie 2 Days in the Valley

–How can you take this loser’s word? You can’t believe him!
–I’ll take his word over yours. It’s been my experience, more often
than not, that a loser has more honor than a winner.

–How did you find me?
–I looked you up in the phone book, under ‘Washout.’

–You better tell him I’m not fucking around, Susan.
–He’s not fucking around.

Down in the Valley.

I hate it when people ask if they can ask a question. Just ask it!

I know we’re Valley detectives so we’re not all that bright, but how
stupid does he think we are?

I may be an ass, but it took me a long time to become one.

I want to be a detective, but I can’t seem to make it happen. I can’t get promoted into Homicide, so I transfer around from Robbery to Bunko to Forgery to Vice.

I’m gonna ask you three questions. If you lie, you die.

This is a destructive relationship.

You have one minute to decide the rest of your life.

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