Inspirational story #49 A Letter From Home

Here’s another good inspirational story: A Letter From Home

I had a safe trip. The angels carried me safely into Father Abraham’s bosom. Oh, the thrill I felt when I met the one that died for me!

And no matter what you’ve heard, there’s just no words to describe the glories that surround him. I’m satisfied here; every need’s been supplied. Just wait till you see my new home.

I’m satisfied because there’s no sin here, no murders, no divorce, no abortions, and no need to ever have locks on the doors. Perfect peace reigns here. I’m satisfied because there’s no sickness. Why, I’ve never felt better in my life! I have a brand new body just like Jesus.

And oh, I wish you could hear the singing. David played his harp today, and a great crowd gathered by the river of life and sang a new song. Of course, the angels couldn’t sing that song, but they sure were listening. It’s really wonderful here, because there are no strangers. Everyone knows me by name.

Why, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego showed me around. Seems like I’ve been here forever. The weather is great. There’s a cool breeze blowing all the time. And you know one of the nicest things, night and darkness never comes. It’s light here all the time, for Jesus himself is the light of the city.

Please, remember, I’m safe, I’m satisfied, and I’m not sick anymore. There will be no need for me to write again, because I was told today that nothing here ever changes. In closing, the only thing that would make this wonderful place more complete is for all my family and friends to join me here in Heaven.

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