Inspirational story #243 The River Runs

Here’s another good inspirational story: The River Runs

The river of my life runs
strong and deep
but throughout it’s course
it has taken on many colours and hues
The river runs pink
when I was born
I was small, wrinkled and pink
The river runs orange
for the happiest and brightest
times of my life
The river runs green
for the times I was
sick and needed to be nursed
The river runs yellow
all the times I was scared
not wanting to be alone
The river runs yellow
so many times I cringed
and cowered at your touch
The river runs blue
since the time a coldness
has entered my soul
The river runs red
for the anger that courses
through my being
The river runs black
hatred for you
who betrayed my trust
The river runs
The river runs a rainbow

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