Inspirational story #24 Blessings Great and Small

Here’s another good inspirational story: Blessings Great and Small

Here in the Arizona desert where shades of browns, grays, blacks and muted greens at first appear to dominate the landscape, I live and expand my appreciation for God’s canvas.

Just today before day relinquished its light, on the horizon where the mountains loomed in the distance, God painted a sunset, its beauty taking my breathe away. Wispy, swept clouds, delicately brushed, completed the Master Piece; some things defy words, remaining in crevices of the mind, long after miracles have passed and moments acknowledged.

I am reminded too of springtime when the mountains burst forth in the brightness of sunshine as they are enveloped by wild flowers that have been sprinkled there not by accident or by the hands of man but by God and His glory.

Too, I marvel at the giant Saguaro Cactus that stands tall and proud and the ever yielding variety of colors from the Bougainvillea. Tasty fruit from the Pomegranate the orange and lemon trees linger on my pallet as I think of their contribution in feeding humanity.

Today unlike so many yesterday’s that have skipped by unnoticed, I paused to reflect on a gift so often unopened, by we who are given greatness beyond measure by God the giver of all gifts great and small. I stopped, accepting this wonder of wonders and asked that my eyes be opened to minute blessings sent to me daily. I want not to miss the smallest of blessings for in doing so in the future I may reflect back, seeing them as they truly are, my Biggest, Richest Blessings.

Every landscape scattered across our nation, our world our universe is unique in and of it’s own self; like each individual person we have our own gift and purpose, we have our own contributions. God has given to us that we might give back of ourselves and brighten the life of another.

As I reached over and felt the warmth of my husband’s hand, saw his eyes upon me and heard the words, “I love you baby,” I thanked God for all of His Blessings, even those I so often take for granted.

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