Inspirational story #239 Little Girl

Here’s another good inspirational story: Little Girl

There is a beautiful
crystal castle
it sits on a hill
and watches the land
The soul owner is
a beautiful little girl
She plays in the garden
has everything she needs
and lives in happiness
One morning she looked
into the mirror
and saw a stranger
It was a woman
and she realised it was
herself, all grown up
In the background
scenes of her future life
flitted before her
She looked deep into the woman’s eyes
and what she saw made her want to cry
She had never seen or felt
such pain
The woman stared at her
and could not understand
why such a happy little girl
would have reason to cry
The little girl said
“I am you and you are me
I need you to love me
and I will love you
Take me away from this place
and I will make your heart my home
there is much love there but you
must unlock the door
and we can face the world

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