Inspirational story #236 Howling Wolfs

Here’s another good inspirational story: Howling Wolfs

The wolves are howling tonight
they’ve sniffed the air
and caught the scent of my blood
they’re snapping at my heels
I feel their breath on my neck
Do I keep running
or turn and face them?
I could run forever
avoid them and
leave false trails
but it would not be long
before they come howling again
Do I have enough time to
gather up a small army
of friends to turn and attack?
And when they are all spent
is the strength in me enough
to conquer them on my own?
Why should I keep running?
I no longer doubt myself
and neither do my army of
It’s time to stop, take a
deep breath and fight
Fight for my future
a future that I want
to be unhampered by
howling wolves
a future not devoted
to running away
but facing whatever
obstacle presents itself
I have conquered the
howling wolves in the
darkness of night
and have turned to
face the morning sky

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