Inspirational story #124 Christmas Time

Here’s another good inspirational story: Christmas Time

It’s christmas time once more
let’s praise the king we adore
raise our hands, loudly sing
praise and honour to the King

Jesus Christ is born today
our light, our life, our way!!
step back from the busy crowd
take a breath and say out loud

All praise all honor all glory to you
Saviour Jesus we love you
The greatest gift to give this time
is to share this joy this Glorious time

the most perfect gift to give
is the touch of HIS love, HIS life, you live
more precious than expensive scents and gold
just capture the Christmas Spirit of old

Let the Spirit of Christmas fall all around
Let The name of the KING be the only sound
Let everything Praise HIM so
Jesus “we love you so”

Reach out, touch that lonely hand
let them feel you care, let them know
you can make a difference, spread the glow
of our Savior’s love you show

LORD! fill us with your love, your light!!!
following you, life is so right
Let your Spirit fall on us from above
Let us all spread and spread “Christmas Love”

Singing Alleluia Christ is born
Alleluia it’s Christmas morn
Praise and Glory to the KING

the Angels of Christmas appear
Oh how your Glorious Spirit is so near!!!
Your Precious Spirit spreads Glory from above
And YOUR LOVE, surrounds us, so awesome, such love.

Spread HIS LOVE to everyone
Show HIS LOVE this day
Let them know HE IS THE ONE!!!!!
And raise your hands and proudly say

To God be the Glory in Jesus name ….AMEN

May God Bless YOU and keep you in HIS care
love your brother in CHRIST

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