Pointer Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Pointer Dog breed


Cute Pointer PuppyBecause of its strong affinity for the outdoors, the Pointer breed is perfect for an owner that loves to explore and stay active. Pointers have a strong desire to hunt, especially for birds, so they double as a nice addition to any bird hunter’s home. Depending upon the bloodlines associated with the pointer that you choose, this can be a dog that is very easy to train. In some ways, Pointer puppies are naturally good at a lot of the activities associated with hunting.

While many other hunting breeds are highly aggressive from birth, Pointer puppies are not that way necessarily. Though they can turn into social, energetic dogs, Pointers can also become very timid if they are not raised the right way. Because of this, only owners that have the time and energy to surround the Pointer breed with other dogs at an early age should consider brining one into their home.

As one might expect of a bird dog, the Pointer breed is not a breed that is suited well for a small environment. It can not reach its full potential in an apartment or a home that does not have a large yard. Pointer puppies demand time on the outside from an early age, in order to exercise their hunting instincts and get rid of their excess energy. Still, these dogs can function in a home setting if they are familiar with it. They can become extremely loyal and accommodating, especially around children.

Training can be a challenge for the Pointer breed, especially if the trainer does not have a lot of experience. Since they have a strong will and a short attention span, Pointer puppies do not have much patience for people that do not interest them. Still, they are highly intelligent, so successful training is possible. Given the right techniques and an adequate amount of time, a Pointer can be trained as well as any other dog breed.

The Pointer breed is one that is very healthy, so owners will not have to worry about many of the common medical problems that other dogs suffer from. One thing that all owners must look out for is the coat, though. These dogs have beautiful, flowing coats that must be brushed each and every day. Matting can be a problem if adequate coat care is not given.

All in all, this breed can offer companionship for the home, but must be taken into the correct situation. If Pointers aren’t given the right amount of space, they cannot fully thrive and realize their potential.

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