Funny political definitions

The posts in this category are written by 11 year old Azure.

here are some funny politicial terms I made up:

democratic- wants everything to change, especially your clothes

republican- hates debt, doesn’t know what to do about it. Gets annoyed easily.

green- wants new forests, and wants everyone to move to a more crowded place so there’ll be more room

for trees and forests.

conservitive- wants everything to stay the same, even the time. (Whoops, am I late for a appointment?)

libiral- wants things to change constantly, is annoyed by the seasons changing to slowly.

one more thing:

is it right that people cannot ‘pass on’ debt? Consider this,

if i am right, you can buy all you want right before you die, and you can keep

it a secret, and not tell anyone ecept the most trusty person you know.

Then they’ll inherit whatever you bought, and live An Amazing Life!

(These terms are not for someone to get an idea for what something is,

there just jokes)

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