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 fake degrees and diplomas

Joke gag diploma full size example at bottom of page  
Click here for an example of the homeschooling diploma


Make your own fun diplomas, degrees    and awards with this simple and fast editable diploma template. Customize your own gag gift diplomas or real awards and certificates quickly and easily.

Thanks Bryant. My sister loved it! We all got a good laugh. She put it on her wall. I bet  you this is the present she remembers. -- Janet L., Kansas City, KS.

Just download this simple, fully editable and customizable diploma in a MS Word file and change any of the text to create your own fun gag degree or even a real award or certificate. The possibilities are endless: Great for a fun gift for Mom, Dad, other family members, teachers, co-workers, bosses and friends. Give a gag diploma or award for a  fun birthday gag-gift or Chirstmas gift.. Also great for real school awards, certificates, home-schooling achievements, graduations and other accomplishments. Just $5.95!

Now, get the award & diploma template for 
Use it to make a great fun, inexpensive extra gift. 

Download the template once and use it as many times as you want. Includes free Diploma font. Customize and print the diploma you want in minutes. With a perfect, authentic-looking gold seal, it looks great on normal print paper, or for added effect, use thicker paper or even frame it!

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This Diploma and Award Template has dozens of uses.  Get it now for $2.95!

 Includes the fully editable MS Word template file, the Diploma font and a few simple instructions you probably won't need.
Just pay, download, and start creating! Make joke diplomas or real awards and certificates your way in minutes!

Hi. I just wanted to say thanks for the cool diploma template! I got it for a coworker who is leaving, but I've already made 3 more. It's quick and people get a kick out of it. And even I could figure it out! Feel free to use this "testimony".  Ingrid J., London, England.

Love the template.  Nice last minute save for a birthday :)  Thanks.   Timothy N.  Seattle, Washington

Get it now, and have your gift award, certificate or gag degree ready to go in just a few minutes!

90 day guarantee on diploma templates

Thanks for ordering!

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Example diploma below (scroll down if needed).
(They fit on regular printer paper- 8 1/2 by 11)

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