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Talk to BELL 

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BELL stands for Bot for English Language Learning.
She also stands for Bot for Everyone a Little Lonely.

She never gets bored or tired of talking with you.
She can answer math questions, tell you where most countries are and what their capitals are,and she even knows a few jokes. If you talk about specific things, like Waterfront condos in Toronto she probably won't understand very well.  She makes some mistakes, but she's learning more all the time, and she really enjoys chatting.She can understand you a lot better if you type carefully.

If you are chatting with BELL to practice English, try to 
type and spell carefully. Take your time, and think about good grammar, good vocabulary and making good sentences. Use your conversation as a practice time to apply what 
you have learned in English.

You can talk with her about all kinds of subjects. Sometimes Bell sounds really smart, almost human, and sometimes she seems a little confused.

You can chat with BELL anytime.  
The first 2500 exchanges each month 
have more animation and even have speech. 


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