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Biden to be Replaced by Clinton for 2012 Elections?

This site doesn’t often dip into politics, but something big is coming down the pike, that seems so obvious we can’t resist writing about it. Do you agree with our prediction?

One of the options that President Obama will be seriously considering over the next year is to radically change things up for the 2012 election. He will consider asking Vice President Joe Biden, who would be 74 at the end of Obama’s second term, to agree to step aside, (most likely citing unspecified health issues) and be replaced by Hillary Clinton, who will then be poised to run for President in the 2016 election, at the age of 66.

Why would he do this? Two primary reasons: First, Biden’s asset/liability scale has shifted significantly since the campaign trail. Biden has been doing a solid job as V.P. over all, but the perception of him being a gaffe-prone wild card has grown significantly. Do you feel comfortable with the idea of Biden taking the helm if required to? How about a 73 year old Biden? And while Biden’s experience in foreign affairs was much needed to get Obama elected, that strength is no longer needed for the much more experienced Obama.

Second, The excitement, enthusiasm and momentum which carried Obama into the White House has greatly waned. He has not been progressive enough for many of those who voted for him, and passions have faded. Anger and frustration on the side of the Right, as seen in the Tea Party movement and elsewhere, now has fresh momentum and energy which will be a great help to the Republican candidate if he or she is able to capitalize on it. The only chance for fresh momentum to come into the Obama campaign is to reawaken Hillary’s passionate supporters, and those once more excited about bringing a woman one significant step closer to the White House.

Page topic: We predict that Vice President Joe Biden will be replaced by Hillary Clinton for the 2012 Presidential campaign and election.

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