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Best water purifier: The Affordable AnyWater Portable Alkalizer Water Purifier

Water purifiers are becoming a must have, standard addition to more and more kitchens. But what kind to get? There are so many options! The answer depends on what you are looking for, but one of the fastest growing purifiers available is also one of the least expensive: AnyWater Portable Alkalizer. Like other water purifiers, it removes heavy metals, chlorine and bacteria. But unlike otherwater purifiers, Portable Alkalizer actually ionizes, re-alkalizes , and re-mineralizes ordinary tap water. These days, more and more evidence is pointing to the value of balancing your body’s internal pH. Having an overly acidic pH balance can lead to disease and other ailments. AnyWater is an excellent solution to making your drinking water purely alkaline. AnyWater’s Portable Alkalizer water purifier uses natural minerals and high pH to help neutralize the build up of acid toxins in your body’s tissues. This creates an antioxidant effect, and also makes the water taste great. And since the system is small, portable, light, and fits on any kitchen faucet in seconds, it can go where you go. This water purifier is about a tenth the cost of other brands! Drink antioxidant rich water which actually strengthens your immune system! The taste is so great, you will actually want to drink more water… which in itself, also boosts the immune system, and serves to protect the body against weakness and disease. AnyWater is made of a safe, food-grade plastic. AnyWater is light, compact, and portable. It contains a magnetic-media filter with 6 different filtering stones and minerals. AnyWater also lowers ORP (oxygen reduction potential). AnyWater re-mineralizes tap water with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Bring it anywhere for excellent water! Take it along with you if you are traveling overseas, or to places with lower quality drinking water, and have high quality, ionized water anywhere you go! The replaceable cartridge lasts 90 days. Purchasing one unit comes with a YEAR’S SUPPLY OF FREE FILTERS! Find out more about the AnyWater portable water ionizer at

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