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Songdrops CD Review: Bryant Oden’s Songdrops: 30 songs for kids

Artist: Bryant Oden
Reviewers Name: Andrea Guy

Rating: (3.5 stars)

Title of Review: Eclectic Tunes For Tots

Review Summary: A children’s album with a song for all seasons and a song for all moods. Jump into Bryant Oden’s world and enjoy some new songs that will certainly become classics.

Songdrops is an unusual batch of tunes… The subject matter goes from cute stories (The Duck Song, I’ve Got A Pea) to the more outrageous (This Song Is Stuck Inside My Head, The Ukulele Song). The styles used for each range from electronic synth pop beats, to folk songs a’la Peter, Paul & Mary, to power pop.

The album is all over the place, with short little ditties designed to capture the attention of the younger crowd and when they aren’t doing that they are soothing them so they can drift off to the land of nod. On lullaby-like track, Sing You A Rainbow is very much like Peter, Paul & Mary. In fact the vocals sound quite a bit like Paul Stookey.

The songs that really will stick with you are the ones that have you and the kids in stitches, like I Got A Pea which sings like “I gotta pee" and I Don’t Like Tomatoes because they make the singer “Far To Unhappy." Yes, sing that last line at just the right speed and you’ll know everyone is going to be giggling up a storm. If those don’t tickle your fancy, maybe Honey Bear who is sitting there in its underwear will bring a smile to you face. Then there’s Before I Knew How To Rhyme, which is just hilarious, simply because of the phrases that replace rather obvious words that would rhyme in the tune.

The tracks on the album fit nicely in four categories, “funny songs," “happy songs," “tongue twisters," and “relaxing songs/bedtime songs." So there’s a song for just about every time that you’re little one will be in need of music. Maybe that’s a bit much in the grand scheme of thing, after all Songdrops and Sundrops are the same song with different lyrics, and the first time you play the CD through you may wonder why the song appears twice, that is until you check the liner notes, but its still a pretty song, whichever set of lyrics you choose.

This is definite an album the kids will go wild for and to make it better, it’s an album that won’t drive their parents to distraction when the songs are played on repeat. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that a parent or two out there might find themselves singing along, especially to some of the sillier tunes that worm their way right into your head. Parents don’t worry, they aren’t songs you’ll be too embarrassed to be caught singing. Ok, maybe when you’re singing the “I Got A Pea" you may get some funny looks, but it could be worse.

Bryant has crafted an album chock full of good tunes that will amuse and delight the little ones in your life. Grab a copy and get to singing. This album is sure to bring some smiles to all the young kids and its bound to be an album you’ll want to share with the rest of the family too.


Songdrops: 30 Songs for Kids Review by Andrea Guy.

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