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Buying a hat

The posts in this category are written by 11 year old Azure.

for anyone thinking about buying a new hat this season,

i would recommend considering these factors, if the hat you plan to buy

suits four or more, it would be a good decision to buy it.

  • the price
  • the color (i.e if you want attention, you can go with a bold color, but if you don’t want that, pick a simple color)
  • the originality (i.e a simple hat won’t get much attention compared to a fancy one)
  • the style (i.e wearing a baseball cap to a funeral isn’t appropriate)
  • the similarity to the other hats you own (i.e if you bought a hat for 20$ and feel like buying a similar hat for 100$, I would not recomend getting the new hat.)
  • when it was in style to wear (i.e if you want attention, maybe you should get a Top hat, they’ve been ‘out’ for over 100 years)

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